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Weight loss is the number one goal for most of our clients, and we have had some great success stories over the years. This isn’t just a matter of losing weight, but a life changing experience. Not only will you look better, but also mentally, you’ll be in a much happier head space.

Progress happens not just on the scales

Weight loss, as a term, is something we try and stay clear of, but rather focusing on ‘fat loss’. The scales aren’t always the greatest indicator, as once you start training with us, your whole body composition will change (less fat, more muscle) and therefore the numbers on the scales might fluctuate. The mirror is the greatest judge of them all. If you look better, you will feel better.

We encourage everyone to take photos of themselves at the start of their journey, for their own sake. It’s amazing what difference this can make when feeling deflated, just to see how far you’ve come. These don’t ever have to be seen by anyone but you, but we guarantee you, it’ll make you feel great a few months down the line.

With the right exercise and eating plan, your goals are within sight


Everyone will receive a free nutrition guideline booklet when you first start, to help familiarise yourself with what you should and shouldn’t be doing. For more specific nutrition advice, we have 2 nutritionists who are available for monthly diet plans.

In the gym, we will expect you to work hard. A mixture of free weights, machine weights, and a number of different cardiovascular training will be included in the programming. This combination will provide you with the perfect platform to lose that stubborn body fat for good.

A fitter, healthier, happier you, starts here.

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