Look no further. We can give you the advantage over your competitors with a structured, periodised strength and conditioning programme that will see you reap the rewards.

As a former Team GB strength and conditioning coach, I (Rhodri) have an abundance of experience in maximising the potential of sports teams. Having worked with Team Viola Synchronised Ice Skating Club for 2 years, the 2017-2018 season was a hugely successful one.

With a well thought out, 12 month periodised strength and conditioning programme, I helped develop their strength and fitness and minimised their risk of injuries throughout a long season.

Working with 20 individual athletes was challenging, and forced me to educate myself in fields beyond my comfort zone. Concentrating on different types of exercise to cross over, and maximise their performance on the ice was the priority and I believe we achieved this with great success. This was hugely rewarding for me, and has improved me greatly as a coach. We ended the season as Welsh Champions, British Champions (breaking the all time British Record), and eventually saw us competing as Team GB in the World Synchronised Skating Championships, in Stockholm, Sweden, in April 2018.

Throughout the season, I saw every athlete individually 2/3 times a week in the gym, as well as being in charge of all warm ups and cool downs at every competition, including injury treatment and prevention. The programme was designed to help them reach their peak performance at the most important phases of the season (British Championships, World Championships qualifiers and of course the World Championships themselves).

Expert team and individual personal training regardless of your sport

Recently, I’ve started working with Bristol Gig Rowing Club, in a similar capacity, as a strength and conditioning coach. Our aim this season is to reach the World Championships in May, and hopefully finish on the podium, with a World Championship medal.

I’ve had to take a slightly different approach here, as being based in Cardiff, I can’t be as hands on, so a lot of the coaching is done online, with a visit to Bristol once or twice a month.

Training at distance isn’t a problem

Don’t let distance be a barrier. I can work with your team, and help you develop and bring success to your club either face to face, or online.

In the past, I have also worked with an aspiring professional cricket player, a semi professional rugby player, as well as numerous semi professional footballers.

Don’t let the competition run away from you, contact us now to give your sporting performance a boost!

If you’re wanting to take your performance to the next level but are suffering from injury often, lack of speed, power or strength or generally bored of your routine, it’s time to try Be Your Best Personal Training.

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