Personal Training & Expert Nutritional Advice in Cardiff

Lifestyle changes can be daunting, but whatever your goal, we’re here to help you on your personal journey



Lose fat, shape up and become healthier

Muscle Building

Become stronger and more defined


Better performance and personal bests


Eating right is more than just counting calories

With the right support, knowledge and motivation; you can achieve anything.

Whether it’s fat loss, toning, gaining muscle or to improve your sports fitness level; we can educate and motivate you in a fun and unintimidating environment. Your goals and enjoyment are our number one priority. We also pride ourselves on delivering tailored advice and practical knowledge on your individual nutritional needs. It’s not just a diet but a healthier way of eating for life.

“Booking training sessions with Be Your Best PT is one of the best things I have ever done in my life! They get me to do things I never thought I’d be able to do and that makes me feel alive and kicking!”


Train in a way that suits you.

We have years of experience in the fitness industry and know that everyone we work with is different and have individual needs. We offer one to one or small group personal training sessions, which can be held at your home, outside in the fresh air or at the gym.

If the gym isn’t for you, we have all the equipment needed to bring the gym to you, either at your home or outside. All you’ll need is suitable sports clothing and a desire to succeed.

The outdoor sessions, held in a local park can be mixed with gym sessions. They are a great way to get some fresh air and give you a different aspect to your exercise needs. All gym personal training sessions are based in the Roath area of Cardiff in a local, friendly gym. People of all abilities are welcomed and encouraged here.


Be Your Best Personal Training

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